Venue: The Tavern – Naama Bay
Date: 13 October 2008
Attendence: 17 ladies
Host: Clare

This meeting had been scheduled by way of exception to 13 October 2008, as the first Monday was 6 October, which had been Armed Forces Day, a national holiday.

Clare welcomed us and started the meeting with an introduction round.

Following Iman talked about Ramadan, Eid el Fitr and Eid el Adha/ Eid Kebir.
We were explaned the religious and the traditional sides. Often the religious ideas are mixed with long time traditions.
As Ramadan is moving towards summer (every year 11 days earlier – according to lunar calender) most questions were concerned about the health issue during those hot long days of not drinking.

The second topic of the meeting was introduced by Elke. She talked about Chi Nei Tsang (energy internal organ) massage and relaxation which also includes a individual nutrition plans. Elke can be contacted by email

Christine and Enas, two ladies from Soho Square, offered discount club cards for Soho Square.
In case of interest please send your name, company name, position to

Sophie confirmed the Christmas Dinner for 18 December at the Royal Club of the Maritim Golf.
We will receive details about price and menue soon.

Due to too many questions and discussions it got a bit late for dinner.

Many thanks to The Tavern for hosting us and Clare for moderating the meeting.

Next meeting will be on November 3, most probably in Nabq.