Attendees: 10 ladies
Venue: Picasso Café, Hadaba

At the last moment SWC decided about and announced the venue for the September meeting. Possibly due to the late notice only 10 women came, but we still had a very nice evening! Donna, the owner had prepared a nice table for us inside, while the place was really busy with people coming for dinner. We had an informal discussion about the recently enforced traffic regulations in Sharm, and that it is not allowed to drive with a foreign, or international driving licence for longer than three months. Kris had information about how to obtain an Egyptian driving licence and will try to locate it and share this with SWC.
(info also on the Forum of

Kris opened the meeting and asked those present if they had any news or information to share with the others. She also explained that the SWC committee, that now takes care of organizing and planning the SWC meetings and the other events, is looking for some active members to join. We do not expect a lot of time, normally we meet once in the month, but of course it becomes more intensive when the annual anniversary party comes up, or the X-mas dinner. Email if you are interested or want more information.

Erin-Louise Academy of Dance and Fitness:

Then we had Erin and her team, who introduced the new Dance Academy to us, which is currently operating from within the French School in Hadaba. They turned out to be quite ambitious, planning for their own dance and fitness studio in the near future, but they would like to first built up their clientele for the many dance courses on offer:
Children 2 – 18 years old:
Ballet, Jazz, Musical theatre, Funk, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Strength and conditioning
Adults: Tap, Aerobic/Strength and Conditioning, Yoga/Pilates and Jazz
For more information please call Erin: Tel: 0186120232

2nd Hand Shop:

On behalf of Tracy, the new owner of Pandora’s box, Donna informed us about the reduced prices and new opening hours of the shop: Ramadan 10am to 2pm and 7pm to 10pm. After Ramadan it will be: 10am to 2.30pm and 5pm to 10pm. They do now accept again and take on the things that you would like to bring there.

We would like to wish the Dance Academy a good start and thank Kris for organizing and hosting the meeting.
A big thank you to Donna for welcoming us, once again in Picasso Cafe, with complimentary welcome drinks!

Next meeting will be on October 13th, most probably in Naama Bay.