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SMS with our partner SharmPRO

up to 160 character sms sent to more than 2500 addresses in Sharm el Sheikh:
For more info please visit

For more details and prices please contact SharmPRO.

Mail shots with our partner SharmPRO

Mail shot
Emails sent in picture format to more than 10000 email addresses in Sharm el Sheikh and Sinai.
A very cost effective way of advertising.

List of recent Mail shots

For more details and prices please contact SharmPRO.

Other services

Graphic design
Design service available for advertising services.

Photos can be taken by a freelance photographer we work with.
Prices are on hourly basis.

Web design
A website is the image of a company.
For more info please visit

For more details and prices please contact SharmPRO.

You are interested in advertising on an email to SharmPRO:

Professional consulting
Banner and other service advertising (prices)
Editorial integration

For paid advertising services on this site & other services send your email to SharmPRO

Why to advertise?

  • To create awareness, customer interest or desire
  • To boost sales (moving the demand curve to the right)
  • To build brand loyalty (or to maintain it at the existing level)
  • To launch a new product
  • To change customer attitudes – perhaps trying to move a product more “upmarket” or to dispel some widely held perceptions about the product
  • To support the activities of the distribution channel (e.g. supporting a “pull” strategy)
  • To build the company or brand image
  • To reminds and reassure customers

Who visits our site?

  • The site is visited by individuals as well as business owners and managers.
  • With more than 1300 unique visitors daily and more than 3000 page views daily, the site has proven to be the biggest city page.
  • Sharm’s community is small, but it is an upscale market with an above average income.