Venue: Soho Square – Savoy Hotel/ Nabq
Date: 3 November 2008
Attendence: 22 ladies
Host: Arine
Minutes: Marjolein

We all met in the front of the Pangaea, electric bar where we were welcomed by Mr Richards and Mrs Christine of Soho Square with a welcome drink.

After most of us arrived, 22 in total, Mrs Christina showed us the premises, first the ice skating ring and after the cinema where they show a film about Egyptian history.

The official opening of Soho Square is on the 10th of December and we are all invited!
We were also offered discount cards and a very nice deal for the dinner after the meeting in the Bombay restaurant, which most ladies attended.

But first we had the meeting in the cafe.

The first topic concerned the new traffic rules. the traffic police was contacted but weren’t able to give a new updated and translated list, so maybe on a later meeting. There is a list published on the Sharm Pro Newsletter August Issue ( ), if anyone wants to know how high, or low, certain fines are.

Our second topic Metro.
Metro replied to our letter in a very nice and professional way and they sent Mr Wael, their training manager and Mr Mohamed, the area manager to listen to our complaints. which was very brave of them since there were many! To name a few: cleanliness, hygiene, freshness of products, expired products, bad smell, bad staff attitude.
Mr Wael promised to look into it and will try to do his best to get Metro up to the Metro standards again. As for now we will keep posting our comments on the SWC forum, so Metro can do something with it. In conclusion we told Mr Wael and Mr Mohamed that we are still glad that Metro made the step to open up stores in Sharm, but we would be even more so if the stores were up to a higher standard.
Thanks to Mr Wael and Mr Mohamed for coming to the meeting and listening to us.

Maria introduced the beauty products of the Jeanne Habashi line. These products are used in the spa’s of the Sheraton, grand Rotana and Baron Palms. We all got a sample to try out, but if you want more you can check it out at the spa’s. The Sheraton is offering again a 20% discount for residents on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on all treatments.
Uli from the Karizma shop, organizes a clay workshop in front of her shop on Friday the 7th, where you can make your own tile in a very spectacular way. especially with the firing. On Saturday there will be a fresh clay workshop for the kids of 6 years and older.

Doro and Karin introduced “Sinai Angels”. They offer help if you are ill during your stay in Sharm. it is not a medical service, but they offer their expertise as Heike is a Doctor and Doro a social therapist. They can help with phone calls, translations, nursing. If anyone needs some advice they are more than willing to help as well.
Sinai Angels: 0168088616 0r 0182026489 or

Sophie urges all ladies to come to the Christmas dinner it will be in the Royal Club of the Golf Hotel, as the years before. Thanks to Sophie for getting us the deal again!! And thanks the management of the Golf hotel for inviting us again!! The dinner will be 140 le and there is the choice between turkey, fish and a vegetarian menu as there will be a welcome drink and snacks (invitations to be sent out soon).

We will also have the Christmas Kringle, so bring a nice present, something that you would like to receive as well. so a bag of tea is not considered an appropriate present for the Kringle! Tickets for the dinner will be sold at Sophie’s table at the Xmas bazaar at the french school at the 6Th of December.

Ewa opened apartments in Sunny lakes to rent out like a hostel. All for short time rent. if you have friends or family coming over this might be an idea. She gives us a discount, so a flat with 2 bedrooms would cost 58€.

Jasmin ( outside Egypt known as Ilze- Zarina) has a dance school back home and is a former student of Maria Moto and offers Pilates and body toning classes In La Perla 010 4436872 or

After all this most of the ladies enjoyed a really nice meal in the Bombay restaurant as i have been told since i needed to leave early. Our special thanks to Soho Square for a very special evening.
see you all on the xmas dinner, Marjo