On the first Monday of the year 2009, January 5th, the Sharm Womens Club held their premiere New Year’s Reception in the Ribs Restaurant in the Nuria Resort.

A big thank you to the Ribs Restaurant for hosting us that evening!

Around 25 women came and it was lovely to learn that quite a few of the ladies were attending their first ever SWC event ! We had a great time, mingling and chatting away with our complimentary welcome drink. Some of the women even realized that they knew quite a few of the ladies already, which only shows once again how small a place Sharm really is. This really underlines the need for the women of Sharm to have a nice place to mingle and chat and to have a great medium to exchange information of all sorts.

Arine spoke a few welcoming words and briefly introduced the SWC Committee members to the newcomers. She also explained the future vision of the SWC and how we would like to gain more active members for either the Committee or future Subcommittees. We toasted and cheered and wished a Happy New Year to everybody present.

We had a lucky number of 13! to stay for dinner and sat together at a long table with delicious food and a generous discount of 15% by the Ribs Restaurant.
We all had a lovely evening and hope to attract even more ladies next time.

The SWC Committee would like to wish to everyone a prosperous and peaceful New Year! See you soon!