The mild Chinese cabbage (cromb sini) (more lettuce than cabbage) is unfortunately not often available in Sharm. But every now and than you find it at Rowa’s vegetable shop in the Souq/Old Market (if you go in from Bab One, it’s the first veggie shop on the left, opposite of Moda clothes shop, before the big life-chicken shop), and, a bit more often, at Sheikh Abdallah.
It is very tasty as a crunchy salad, but also nice as boiled vegetable, with a much milder taste than the ordinary white cabbage.
You need:

1 or ½ head of Chinese cabbage
4 oranges
salt, pepper
½ tsp sugar
3 tb white vinegar or more
150 ml olive oil
½ bunch parsley, chopped

Wash the cabbage and cut it in stripes.
Peel the oranges and cut in small pieces, save about 8 tbs of juice, and mix the pieces with the cabbage.
Mix the orange juice with salt, pepper, sugar and vinegar, and beat the olive oil in. Add it together with the parsley to the salad and mix well.