Ladies attending: 38

Our thanks to Donna and the staff from Picasso for their hospitality. We enjoyed a very pleasant evening at their place.

On the committee meeting we discussed that one of the things this committee would like to do is to develop the community, in lots of ways cultural, environmental etc. So this evening was just a small step in that direction as we had Khaled explaining us about the environmental friendly water system that he can install in our homes.
And Aisha told us about stones and showed us lots of her fine jewelry.
There needs to be a committee formed to organize the 8th SWC brthday party in May and it seems that some ladies are willing to do this. If any one, who wasn’t attending this meeting, wants to join please feel free. Just sent a mail to SWC and your name will be added to the list.
If we don’t have a venue and a rough idea until the next SWC meeting in April it will be too late for a pary in May, so get going ladies!!!!!! Don’t lean back and wait for others to organize FOR you – get a grip, step forward and be part of the Party Planning Commitee!!! Write to soon!
We also want to do some more about pets, Ursa will be the person to contact about this and  Sanja will be in charge of culture and maybe we will want to do a project with Bedouin children as well.
These activities will be announced in the mailings and over the forum.

We would like to revive the forum a bit more since it is a great way to communicate with each other, but lately it has not been used very much. So please all, check your forum regularly and join in on any discussions. But please lets keep it civil and polite.

Also on the website you now find food and co, with a telephone list of many restaurants who do home delivery, and some even have their menu on-line.

The 4th of April, inshalla, (to be confirmed) there will be a concert with On the Rocks with the re-opening of the Turquoise Beach, now managed by Fernando.
On the 8th of March a big happening at La Strada for the Festa Della Donna, with Wust el Balad ( a band from Cairo) lots of entertainment, free pampering and a street-market.
The market will be again on the 22nd of March also at La Strada.

Doro told us about the project from SSDM to ban the plastic bags from Sharm. Plastic pollutes the environment a lot for a long time. So they hope they can get the plastic bags banned from shops.  Meaning everybody will have their own shopping bags with them, as we were used to do when we were still living in Europe.
They are also looking into do something about a garbage project, which is excellent since we are all complaining about that since quite a bit. So ladies lets start and give them some help by using as little plastic bags as possible. lets take our diving boxes when we go shopping or the canvas shopping bags.

The water system
Our water has two components plus the dust dirt etc coming with it.
This environmental friendly system that Khaled showed us, filters all out that we don’t need and leaves some minerals that we do need. It is a reverse osmosis system.
The water that we have in our houses is good water but generally not recommended for drinking, and the water in the bottles have often a very high TDS (total dissolved salts) level. The less TDS your water has the better it is for you.
The system reduces the TDS, depending on the water you start with to 60 – 100 TDS. A lot less than your average mineral water.
Of course Khaled showed us the system and it can quite conveniently be stored under most sinks. You would never need to carry the boxes with water again and your drinking water always has exactly the same quality.
Prices for the system start from 2750 Le. The filters need to be changed regularly but it would cost you, on a yearly basis, 600 Le.
The good thing is Khaled offered SWC members a 25% discount!
For more information call:
012- 316 5728,
012 744 1325,
012- 170 6325

After Khaled showed us this it was time for something as precious as healthy water, stones!
Aisha informed us about the jewelry and its value. She also told us about the different stones, precious and semi precious. She  informed us specifically about the stones that originate from Egypt and of course she showed us her lovely jewelry.
Aisha also makes special designs on request. She will display her work at the market at La Strada at the 8th.
After lots of woman stayed to enjoy the lovely English food that Picasso offered and we chatted a lot.
Thank you all for coming and hope to see you on the next  SWC meeting, which will be on:

Monday, April 7,  19:30,

place to be announced.