Location: Savoy Hotel

Attendees: 24
Dinner: Italian Restaurant (17 attendees)

The meeting was held in a very nice, large meeting room in the SAVOY HOTEL, with a “U” shaped seating layout and flipchart.  We were kindly provided with homemade cookies and beverages.  Our thanks to the General Manager and Catherine, who works at the hotel, for arranging this. 

Arine hosted the meeting but while she is happy to be the official contact for the club, she does not wish to fulfil the role of meeting host on a permanent basis.  It is possible that this role could be taken by different members on a month by month basis.

The first topic was to inform the group about what happened at the first Committee Meeting which took place on 7 January and was hosted by Arine.   The meeting was open to anyone who wished to be involved in the future planning and organisation of SWC meetings.  Anyone who was unable to attend on that evening but still wishes to be part of the Committee is welcome to attend the next Committee Meeting, which is at 1930 on 13 February at Ribs restaurant:

  • 14 attended the meeting and apologies were received by a further 5 ladies who were unable to attend that evening 
  • The first topic was a brain-storming session to establish the reasons that people wanted the Sharm Women Club to continue.  A wide range of very good reasons were put forward: communication; information; presentations; news circulation; community building/development; social/fun events; meeting women; networking; making friends; integration of newcomers; charity 
  • Sophie pointed out that if any charity based activities are undertaken by SWC they MUST be non cash handling.
  • Future roles within the committee/club were discussed.  Arine said she was happy to be the official contact for the club and I (Marina) volunteered to take Minutes.  This subject will be further explored at the next Committee Meeting 

The topic of charity was further explained at tonight’s meeting: 

As an unofficial club, SWC cannot undertake any fundraising activities.  Arine suggested that there may come a time when it became preferable for us to register as an official club, but in its present form, it is only able to help charities in ways such as collection and distribution of bedding, toys, clothing etc.  Registering as an official club entails a great deal of red tape and adherence to specific criteria which may undermine the present organisation. 

Sophie also mentioned that as an unofficial club, SWC is not allowed to discuss religion or politics. 

Following on from this, Ingie talked about a large number of very poor children living in the Nabq National Park, who are desperately in need of warm clothing, blankets etc.  It was pointed out that it would not be helpful to introduce items eg toothpaste that are not currently used by these people.  It was therefore suggested that contact was made with the village chief so that it could be understood exactly , what they are in need of. Following that,  an appeal for the donation of these items could be made. 

Ursa made a presentation on the problem of stray cats and dogs in Sharm.  Her business, Paya Paya, the pet holiday boarding kennels, has just celebrated its first year anniversary.  Congratulations Ursa! 

Ursa told us that, in addition to her boarders and her own pets, she also currently has 7 abandoned dogs in her home.  This situation is unsustainable and she would like to set up separate kennelling for this purpose.  Ursa has already been offered a site for this purpose but now needs help to realise her project.  She needs:

  • Donations of building materials and volunteers to help construct the kennels
  • Volunteers to take care of the dogs; cuddling them, feeding, cleaning, cooking
  • Donations of carpets, sheets, blankets for bedding and food (these are also required for the dog’s immediate needs as they eat them!)

Ursa suggested that she would like to involve Bedouin children in the ongoing care of the dogs, in order to educate them that dogs can be their friends and that they should not treat them cruelly by throwing rocks at them etc.

She has found homes for 20 of 25 abandoned puppies that she took in but is still trying to find homes for the other 5.  All the puppies get a 50% discount from Paya Paya when their new owners go on holiday!

A new Italian vet, Dr Marco, may be making an offer of discount castration/spaying of strays in the near future.

There is a money collection for stray animals at Paya Paya.  Anyone wishing to make a donation should call Ursa on 0101717954 (this is permitted as Ursa is doing this independently of the club).

Following on from the suggestion of the Bedouin children helping with the animals, it was suggested that perhaps they could also help with the cleaning up of the beaches below the cliffs at Hadaba with incentives such as gifts of school bags, pens or English lessons.

Sophie mentioned a clean up date on February 9th, at the Dahab road, meeting point is the police check point. 

Elke would like everyone to know that she offers services in Reiki, spiritual healing and Hopi Ear Candling.   Anyone interested can call her on 0129565066. 

Our next official SWC meeting will be on Monday, March 3, 2008, location to be announced. 

The next meeting of the SWC organisation committee is on March 13, at 19.30 in the Ribs Restaurant in Naama Bay. Everybody wanting to be involved in the future work of the club is dearly invited to join! 

  • * * *

 In the name of all, who read this: Thank you,  Marina, for the minute writing!!!!!!!!!