Location: Sugarhut, Hadaba
Topic: Chat
Attending ladies: 14

Sharm Women’s Group met on Monday, 6th February at 7:30pm at the Sugarhut Restaurant in Alf Leila. We totaled 14 women and as we met there we were given a welcome drink of our choice of Fruit Juice or a Rum or Vodka cocktail.

Sugarhut is a large restaurant so there was plenty of room for us to meet and mingle before we sat down for our dinner. One of us celebrated her birthday as you’ll see from the photos!

We had a brief introduction/welcome at the table, from Siobhan, one of the committee members, and as this was a meeting without any speaker, we were then free to chat away and enjoy our food and the evening. We discovered that we had women there who have been in Sharm for up to 16years, ranging to one who has only been here for three weeks! The menu was varied so there were choices for everyone’s tastes and it was presented beautifully. Conversation flowed, connections were made, many laughs were had and the evening was enjoyed very much.

The committee apologize about the discrepancy of the discount for this evening. This was due to a complete misunderstanding, it has never happened before, and we will do our best to ensure it does not happen again.