Minutes SWC meeting Monday, 6 April 2009
Location: Ostraka Cafe, Sunshine Mall, Naama Bay
Topic: Culture mixed with a chat
Attending ladies: 14
Host: Marjo
Minutes: Marjo

A big thanks to Mr Hameda from the Ostraka galerie for hosting us, as for Mr Rabeh from the Sophet Zaman restaurant for bringing the tables and the food specially for us in the Galerie. It was very well organised.
After an introduction round there were a few announcements.

– Clean Sharm, we started with the meeting in February and so far we had two clean ups. One in Rowaset and one in Hadaba. The next one will be in High el nour on the 2 of May. The meeting place is in front of the coffee shop next to former Sheikh Abdallah. The starting time will be announced in a later mail.

– EDU meeting, the educational group of Clean Sharm, will meet Thursday @ La favola in Delta Sharm. They need more members to participate. so if you think you can attribute something to this group please will welcome to join. It’s about educating, schools, hotels, shopkeepers, Bedouin women etc.

– Bookshop Eshta opened in the Viva Mall. Bella the owner of the shop was present to tell us about her goals. She wants to have a bookshop for the community and for the people of the community. They are planning on starting a book-club for adults as well as for children (7 – 12 yrs) as an after school project.

Bella is also searching for a complete book-list for the schools, so she could maybe try to get the complete package of books for the students. So if anyone can help her with that contact Bella: 016- 779754 or eshtabookcenter@gmail.com

– The fit and fun is also open and their schedule is available. Look on their website: www.fitandfunsharm.com
– After this Mr Hameda explained us some more about his Gallery and the paintings.

Hameda lived 10 years in Saudi Arabia. And he organized a big exposition in Laguna Vista last year. he is also the artist who made the big mural on the Pyramisa road. The 1st of May he has the musical group Baraka performing, they play a mix of oriental and European music. It will be in the evenings and the tickets will be around 30 le. That same day in the afternoon he will organize a flea-market. So if you have any stuff that you want to sell contact Mr Hameda. He plans this flea-market to be a monthly event. The website: www.ifarts.com Tel: 010-4132252
Afterwards almost all of us stayed for food and a chat and had a nice evening.