Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 08.02.01An economic forum will be eld in Sharm el Sheikh from 13 to 15 March under the title “Egypt is the Future”.

Most “Sharmers” have in recent weeks witnessed the changes in their city. New streets have been built, others were being renovated. New lamps had been installed, others got refurbished, palm trees, flowers and grass were planted.

The summit aims to develop the Egyptian economy. World leaders and their delegations are expected to arrive within the next days.
It will be an opportunity for business and political leaders, investors, and international institutions to participate in major development initiatives in various sectors. According to Investment Minister Ashraf Salman, the summit is one of the pillars of the economic reform programme aimed at reducing the deficit over the next five years. The reforms are not just limited to attracting investments, but also to support the social security networks. The government has already announced the restructuring energy subsidies, amendments to the value-added tax, and initiatives to broaden the tax base. The government is also discussing IMF initiatives as well, and the summit will provide a platform to display all these reforms.

The Sharm community should expect tightened security, with street check points or passport controls.

For more info on the summit please check Egypt is the future.