Are you one of the many residents who’s left Sharm El Sheikh to try a new life elsewhere, only to find yourself drawn to live here again? Or a visitor, who’s tried other destinations but inevitably returns to Sharm? It’s hard to put your finger on exactly why Sharm exerts such a pull; we just know that, at some point in the future, we’ll be back! Camel Bar holds a similar attraction.

Anyone who’s lived in or visited Sharm will have been to Camel Bar, and although we may not visit for a while, sooner or later we know we’ll be back in Sharm’s original drinking den. We take a look at how Sharm’s historical watering-hole has changed and grown over the years.

Late 1990s

A remodelled Camel Bar opens its doors with Chris at the helm, Pete assisting, and Roxy the Alsatian as chief bouncer. Sharm is still mainly a diver’s town. Each day when the dive boats have dropped their passengers back at the jetty, tanks are unloaded and dive boxes stored, the ‘end of the day’ ritual begins: up to Camel Bar for a Sakara (or six), peanuts and a catch-up with Chris, followed later on by… peanut fights, then even later, by dancing on the bar – mainly to Camel Bar’s anthems ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ and ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’. Diving careers are launched here too – your reputation as a new Divemaster depends upon your performance in The Funnel.

Mid ‘00s

Sharm has expanded rapidly and is now the preserve of ‘sun, sand and Sakara’ tourists, although divers still make their presence felt in the Bar. The era of Camel Bar’s infamous themed parties has begun, with Mike assisted by Pete, Carrol and Jo. Will we ever forget the ‘P’ party, or Tash and Sue’s nurses outfits?!? While the party goes on downstairs, the Roof Bar has transformed itself from the ‘90s space to hang out on Bedouin carpets on the floor watching the weekly movie, into a proper bar, complete with sofas and chill out music. Whether we like it or not, Sharm’s transition into a more sophisticated town is underway!

Late ‘00s

With flights landing from over 20 countries every day, Sharm is a fully-fledged resort, and its visitors now expect more than just cold beer, although that’s still welcome! Marcia introduces a new Texan-inspired cocktail menu (which I enjoyed taste-testing!); perfect for sipping at sunset in Camel’s new Terrace bar. Live music draws Friday night crowds to the main Bar, under the guidance of Akram and team, and leads to some unmissable (and sweaty!) nights – with bands like Screwdriver and high-energy Brazilian band Napalma standing out in our collective memories.

Early 2010s and Today
Sharm is still growing, as is the crowd in Camel Bar, which remains as cosmopolitan as ever. Moving with the times, the main Bar has a funky modern décor but remains the best place to watch big sports games in air-conditioned comfort, croon to your heart’s content with karaoke, or love live music. For people-watching or simply chilling out, there’s still no better place to kick back and relax than on the Roof or Terrace with a long, cool drink and tasty bar meal. Rob, Dorothy, Percie, Nick and the rest of the team will make you feel as welcome as in the ‘old days’. See you soon at Camel Bar!
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