Green Curry paste is available at 247 (and Sheikh Abdallah?), not cheap, but as it lasts very long time, it is worth it!

You need:
app. 400 gr chicken filet ( 1 – 2 beast filets)
3 tb soy sauce
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 tb oil (sun flower or corn oil)
1 ts green curry paste
250 gr Zucchini ( and/or green beans and/or leek (poree), peas, baby corn…..)
1 can coconut milk
1 ts sugar
salt, black pepper
1 lemon
1 potato
some coriander

Cut the chicken in small cubes, around 1 x 1 cm, and marinade for app. 1 hour in the soy sauce.

Grate the garlic, cut the onions in small pieces and the zucchinis and/or the other vegetables of your choice in half and than in thick slides. Heat the oil in a high pan, add the garlic, let it get slightly brown, than add the onions. Let them roast a bit, than add the curry paste and the vegetables and let it all fry for a few minutes. Add the coconut milk and a little bit water and let it boil. Only than you add the chicken cubes with the soy sauce, and turn the heat a bit down.
Stir one tea spoon sugar in, and try whether you want more. (The sugar smoothes the heat of the curry, so as more you add, as less hot ist the taste). Leave it all simmer for 8 min.
In the meanwhile you peel and wash the potato and grate it in the sauce, to thicken it without using flour or starch. Let it boil for another 2 minutes, add the juice of one lemon, salt and pepper to taste. If you like coriander, cut some leaves in small pieces and sprinkle them over the finished dish.

Serve with rice (preferably Basmati or Jasmine rice)