by Rasha Hassan

people_change_flowersNo one is the same 100% through his entire life. Events change us,and the flexibility to change is an art we have to learn because being stiff and Rigid against the world rules would break you and make u isolated and different.

That doesn’t mean you change your principles, you only apply them differently. You could always be honest and sincere but in the same time polite and sweet.People sometimes refuse the reality but if sweetly informed they will accept it.

Destiny could never be changed, it is our attitude that makes it different.

Life is a daily gift that most of the people waste without understanding it.

At the end, all paths lead u to 1 single end:
“The Grave”. So think of what you get with you in the grave,that the longest time you will ever spend, make it nice for yourself.It is after all your decision.