You might think it is time that these winds end, but…
Though we had pretty strong winds during the last weeks, those were merely cold winds from the North and the warm hot ones are still to come.

April and May are the months  of the Khamaseen winds. Those are hot dusty winds coming from the Sahara, similar to the Sicrocco, bringing lots of sand over. Though the Eastern Sinai is protected by the Sinai mountains and they are much milder in Sharm the temperature can still rise within a few hours by up by 15C.

Called by the Egyptians “rih al khamsin” (the wind of fifty days),  which is meant to describe the period those winds blow over North Africa and the Arab Peninsula.

Fortunately they are not daily during this period but come up every now and than for a day or sometimes even only for a few hours.

So enjoy the cold winds as long as they last, the warm ones are to come soon.