The first cases of Swine flu have been diagnosed in Sharm.
We would like to know your opinion on it.What do you think about the vaccine? Would you get vaccinated (when available) or you might have doubts?

Are you agreeing that schools are closing again or do you think there should be other ways to isolate the infected children and minimize spreading.

Also we received the following comment:

The following announcement has been made on the Pin Board.
12 November 2009:
"A curiosity: it is true that the grapes, a cluster per day may be useful advance against influenza A – H1N1?
Yes. A recent study was presented in Prague, developed by researchers at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome and Istituto Superiore di Sanita, has shown that resveratrol (the active ingredient of this grape berries) possesses antiviral activity and in particular on influenza viruses, so the virus H1N1. You should take in this period is that resveratrol vitamins C, A, E and zinc to prevent influenza viral diseases (source SIMG)."

Let us know your thought on the forum. We opened two topics, but you are welcome to open more, should you feel those do not cover all!

Schools: Schools closing for swine flu
General Discussion: Grapes to prevent H1N1? Your thoughts about swine flu

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