CDWSAccording to Egyptian Government we are switching to Winter time for Ramadan in August and back to Summer time in September!!! End of September will be back to winter time!

In accordance to law no. 14 of year 1995 enforcing the daylight saving time (summer time)starting from the last Friday of April to the last Thursday of September and in accordance to the second article of law no. 141 of year 1988 excluding Ramadan month from the summer time, the following is decreed:

1- Summer time shall be stopped during Ramadan month and winter time shall be enforced starting from Wednesday 11th August 2010. (clock will be set backward one hour)

2- Summer time will be enforced once again by the end of Ramadan starting from Friday 10th September 2010. (clock will be set forward one hour)

3- Summer time shall be continued- in accordance to law- to the end of last Thursday of September 30th 2010, and the winter time shall start by Friday 1st October 2010.

On this occasion, the Cabinet of Ministers congratulates the President, people and government over this holy month.