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All four divers reported missing in the Southern Red Sea on Monday have been found alive, the CDWS can confirm. Following the statement issued by CDWS at 6pm today, search and rescue boats have now found the remaining three Russian divers who went missing at the Little Brother dive site yesterday afternoon (Monday 17 August 2009).

A full scale air and sea search was launched on Monday when four out of six divers failed to return to their boat M/Y Bohemia in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea.

The divers were part of a group of 23 holiday visitors from Russia.

The CDWS was informed at 12.30pm on Monday (17 August 2009) that the divers had been reported missing. At 1.10pm the CDWS then contacted the military search and rescue division, which launched a full air and search rescue operation. All the boats in the vicinity of Little Brother were also informed.

At 5.30pm yesterday evening the air search was called off as daylight visibility reduced. The search resumed again at 8.05am today (Tuesday 18 August 2009).

At approximately 2.30pm/2.45pm, the CDWS was told that one of the missing divers, Vitali Vanov, had reached the shore 40km south of El Queseir after drifting then swimming to land over a distance of 95km. He was taken to El Quseir Hospital for routine medical checks and was subsequently given the all clear by doctors.

The rescued diver told officials that he was with the other three divers until he decided to swim for shore at 1pm today (Tuesday 18 August 2009).

Using information provided by Vanov, search and rescue teams scanned the area for any signs of the remaining divers. Boats were launched from El Quseir to search south, while vessels have also been launched from Port Ghalib to search to the north of the area.

It then was confirmed at 6.30pm today that the three made their way to shore and were found 35km south of El Queseir. The divers have been taken by ambulance to El Quseir Hospital to be examined by medical staff.

18.08.09 CDWS press release