CDWSFor all diving professionals renewing or newly applying for CDWS professional ID cards.It has become clear over the last year that not all CDWS professional members working in the diving industry are up to the standard required by CDWS.

To avoid this situation happening again a new evaluation exam has been introduced which is required to be taken by all diving professionals wishing to renew their CDWS card or apply for a new CDWS card.

The exam has been developed with the assistance of course directors working in the area and consists of 75 questions covering:

– Leadership
– Physics
– Physiology
– First Aid and Emergency
– Equipment
– Environment

There is nothing in the exam that is not covered by the Divemaster course and candidates are required to achieve a pass mark of 80% in order to apply for their CDWS professional card.

The exam (for Divemasters and Instructors) will be available in English, Arabic, Italian, German and Russian.

Those candidates applying for cards as Snorkel Guides or Snorkel Instructors will take a separate exam which will be available in English and Arabic.

– Candidates may register for the exam at 5pm or 7.30pm. Candidates should expect to stay for approximately 2 hours to complete registration and the exam.

– To take the exam candidates will be charged 50LE.

– Results will be posted on the website within 48 hours of the exam along with the date staff can collect their CDWS cards.

– On passing the exam, a charge of a 50LE applies on collection of the CDWS card.

– If a candidate fails the exam, it is possible to retake an Exam B at a cost of 50LE

What you need to do next:

1. Please notify all your dive staff immediately so they are informed early
2. Dive staff should renew their training agency pro status for 2010 as soon as possible and apply early
3. The updated CDWS professional ID cards processing rules and regulations is applicable.
4. Download, read and complete the following forms and submit them to your local CDWS office:
Evaluation Exam Requirements and Procedures for Diving and Snorkelling (in Arabic and English)
CDWS ID card Requirements and Procedures (in Arabic and English)
Form A02
Form D01
– Form D02

If you cannot download the forms from the above links, email and they can be sent to you by return.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact CDWS on (South Sinai).