SURVIVORS of a shipwreck in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) have been called upon to give witness statements in front of a judge. The boat was carrying 15 Spaniards – including a tour guide – and around 10 Egyptian tourists out on a diving excursion in the Red Sea off the coast of the popular holiday town on the Sinai peninsula. After it capsized on Thursday, 33-year-old couple Israel Pérez and María Lourdes González have never been found.

They belong to the well-known Dolphin diving club in Jávea (Alicante), whose owner (pictured at Valencia airport en route to Sharm El-Sheikh) is the father of one of the surviving tourists.

The other members of the group lost all their personal effects, and have filed for compensation.

Family members of the missing couple were due to fly out to Sharm El-Sheikh today., in the company of the Spanish consul in Cairo.

The remaining holidaymakers have returned to the Egyptian capital by air, in accordance with their original tour schedule.

Authorities first quizzed them about the missing members of their party, who are thought to have been trapped under the capsized boat.

The sea in the area in question was said to be between 100 and 500 metres deep, reaching up to 1,500 metres in depth in certain places.

Police in the country say the Egyptian navy is coming the area in an attempt to find the couple who disappeared.


Other sources state that the bodies have been recovered in the meantime. This information is not confirmed yet.