Easy done, but needs some time to cook

1 big onion
4 big red or yellow peppers
600 g veal
Extra virgin olive oil
½ glass of balsamic vinegar
6 tablespoons of sugar
Salt, pepper

After washing, cook the whole peppers in the oven at 180 degree until the skin burns, breaks and gets off by itself. Leave them in until deflates, than peel and cut into stripes.

Cut the veal in very small cubes.

Prepare a base with the extra virgin olive-oil and onion, add the veal on high flame until golden in colour, lower the fire and add the peppers. Let it cook with closed pot-lid for about 30 minutes, add vinegar and sugar and let it cook until the sugar candies.
Serve hot.
This plate is well-served with rice and Egyptian Shareia (thin noodles).