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10/01/2014 09:25

URGENT - This beautiful puppy looking for a forever home. He is not a street dog bcz he can't survive on the streets, he was lost on the roads as he cannot fight for food and was beaten by securities and really about to die until we found him in the hotel. We took him and gave food, love, toys then we went to a good vet and he was treated as well as vaccinated so he is ready for new owner. Unfortunately we need to find him a loving home as it is not allowed to keep him in the hotel with our colleagues. For the moment we kept him in the vet clinic of Doc. Albert, because all of us has a pet at home and cannot afford another one. We are very worried as this his puppy won't survive on the street. He just want to be loved, have some food and walks in the fresh air, as he only have known cruelty, pain and sadness. He has lovely character and so gentle, really good boy and will be so much fun. Please help us, do something good and he will never forget and he will always be your best f

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