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04/07/2009 11:05

Dear Guys and Gals, indeed, this site is for men and women, and I am specially thankful to the team who put together this site, I want to let them know this work has brought life, work, and ties to people around the world, not just sharmer. jobs, people, information, doing such good to the community and feeling like we are one big family supporting eachother, and communicating like a family should. So, thank you sharmwomen founders, we appriciate your work very much. Finally, i want to say hi to our friends on the guest book, you are not alone, there is someone like you at the other end, so work hard, be happy and live a good life, and try to meet good people. I dont know why some had bad experiences with egyptian men, may be there is a misunderstanding to start with ? you can share more of your experience and get some opinions if you care so, see you around here and at the forums & all the best

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