by Rasha Hassan

Love_Thoughts1It is hard to advice others on love because this issue is different from one person to another, only love as a topic is the same.

Amazingly, that despite the extra technology era we are living , we are still extremely attracted to all what relates us to feelings and emotions.
Unfortunately, it is very common now to hear from anyone that love has vanished from earth and all of us complain from the same signs and indications of such an idea.

Well, first we have to contemplate ourselves a little because after all ,we are the responsible for our lives outreach and outcomes.

People lost recently the direct communication tools, we go to cafes to talk with distant people via blind screens and forget to talk to neighbours, collegues, relatives and discover by time that we are adict to chatting programs and e-mails more than phone calls and meeting each others. We don’t listen like before to songs that says something nice, we don’t keep in our minds the pretty words that make us wonder and feel good when we sing them alone.

Love is an act that needs accumulative memories to blossom inside our souls when we meet it.

We go to closed places to forget our pains by listning to bad music and drink either drugs or alcohol , instead of going to open places such the sea mountains, gardens to see how pretty is the Nature that God created for us to enjoy .

I don’t wanna make it like lecture, simply this is reality we live and we keep doing that all the time and eventually we loose the human touch and become more materialistic in our needs and joys , so at the end Love vanishes from our life because we made that to ourselves.