– Cucumbers
– Vinegar (the cheap white one)
– Salt,
– Sugar

plus all or just some of the following, according to your taste:

– Onions,
– Carrots,
– Spring onions,
– Garlic

– few Black Pepper corns
– Mustard seeds, 1 or 2 tb per glass (‘chardal’ available in Spice Shops, i.e. Karkade in the Sharm Mall/ Souq area, close to Melodie Pizza)
– 1 leaf of laurel, broken to small pieces
– Cardamom
– Dill (fresh)

You need a glass bowl: either you buy the ones made for pickles, or you just collect two or more Nescafe jars or other big glass containers.

You buy cucumbers, as fresh and as thin and small as possible, the amount depends on the size/number of your glass jars (app. 1 kg for 2 big Nescafe jars).
You put a good handful of salt in a big bowl or pot, add water, and let the cucumbers soak in it over night.
Throw the salt water away, and wash the cucumber with fresh water.
If you want to add garlic and/or dill, put it first on the bottom of your jar and than stuff the cucumbers tightly in (the glass jars have to be VERY clean, rinsed with boiling water before use. Anyway it’s important that all your tools and your hands are really clean, or your pickles might rot). If you could get only too thick or long cucumbers, you can cut them in pieces, but if possible leave them whole.
Stuff onion pieces, thin carrot sticks and/or spring onion between the cucumbers, and put the spices on top (laurel pieces, mustard seeds, black pepper corns). Cover the surface with big slices of onion.

Now boil in a pot water and vinegar in a 2:1 mix. I.e. for three Nescafe glasses you need 1 liter water and 0,5 l liter vinegar. Add salt and sugar (for 1,5 l at least 1 teaspoon salt and 1 soupspoon sugar. Try it (carefully… the vinegar taste is strong..), it should be sweet/sour.
When the mix started boiling, take it from the fire and fill it immediately in the glass jars (have them standing on a piece of damp cloth). The glass jars have to be filled to the very top.
If you use pickle jars, just close the lid, if you have Nescafe glasses, cover first with clinging film, and than put the cover on. (If don’t have a cover, put above the clinging film a piece of a plastic bag and fix it with an elastic rubber.
Store in the fridge after the glasses cooled down.

After few days you can start eating them. (If you don’t want to eat the whole jar in one go, make sure that you always use only a CLEAN fork to get them out. Once in with your fingers, or a used fork/knife etc, and they start rotting… If the liquid level gets too low, after you took cucumbers out, fill with boiled water and/or vinegar until all are covered again).
The pickled cucumbers can last in the fridge for up to 2 months.