Champagne and wine? These are some of the prizes of the next raffle.

Sharm Action for Animals is a group  specifically formed to help the  street dogs and cats  of Sharm El Sheikh in conjunction with Pets Hotel. Currently, Pets Hotel are taking care of seven street dogs and four cats. All the resident dogs and cats have been spayed and castrated and are now looking for loving family home.
Until homes are found for these animals they will remain at Pets Hotel, however, they all need feeding and some require medication and nursing. The overheads incurred in keeping these animals are difficult to meet, but with the help of kind donations of money and raffle prizes we have been able to continue with our plight.

We have ear marked a further four street dogs to be spayed in the next month so we are always grateful for any help i.e., donations of dry food and monetary help for spaying, castrating and treating sick animals.

This is Bobbie with her two surviving pups. Both are now three months old and both have been re-homed with loving families. Bobbie was rescued from the street and she had a disability which could be the after effects of distemper.

It is unlikely that she will ever be able to live safely on the streets again as she regularly goes into a dead faint and although these episodes only last for a minute or two, they  are not dangerous whilst she is in a controlled environment.

Bobbie has a lovely disposition and mixes well with other dogs. Proceeds from the raffles are helping to feed Bobbie and now that her pups have left we will use money from the next raffle to spay her.

Below is Lulu. She was brought in and spayed some five months ago and put back on the streets.

The Bedouins were threatening to dump her in the desert or poison her. Already they had removed two of her pups which we had spayed and castrated and we couldn’t risk this happening to her.

She has been living in Pets Hotel for four months. Recently they poisoned her little friend  so we saved her in the nick of time. She mixes well with the other dogs and is great with children

For info on raffle tickets or donation please contact the Pets Hotel or contact us on and we will be happy to arrange.