Location: Oriental Resort, Nabq
Topic: Tarot by Stella
Attending ladies: 12
Host: Claire
Minutes: Arine

12 ladies gathered in the comfortable executive lounge of the Oriental Resort. Clare organised and hosted the meeting, in which we had the following topics: Metro update, Stella the tarot reader, and an update from Clean Sharm.

The Metro human resource manager for the area, Ayman and the Nabq branch manager, Magdi explained some of the recent measures taken to improve service and hygiene in both Metro branches in Sharm and Nabq. A constructive discussion followed. Most ladies acknowledged some improvements since the SWC meeting with Metro last year November in Soho square. However, again the attending ladies had a chance to ventilate their complaints and many suggestions were made for further improvements. Part of the discussion was devoted to the need to charge for plastic bags, instead of the paper ones, and to other alternatives for the plastic in relation to the ban on plastic bags that will become effective on the first of April. Thanks very much to Magdi and Ayman for their participation in our meeting and their good intentions to continue upgrading the service, products and hygienic standards in Metro!

Stella introduced her Tarot reading to us, by explaining how she works and how it all started. She said that the cards are just the means of communication, while looking in the coffee cups or other methods can also be used to establish the same type of channelling that can give you insight in your own situation and help you with taking decisions. One session takes about 1 hour, and costs 160 LE. You can book your appointment by calling Stella at 160 LE.

Then Arine presented an update on the developments of the new community initiative Clean Sharm which started during the SWC goes green meeting in the Hyatt on February 2nd, 2009. In the meantime a Clean Up group started their activities with a first successful clean up in Roesaat in which about 40 people participated in collaboration with SES the new garbage collection company and sponsored by Makani and Ghazala hotel. Clean Ups may be just a drop in the ocean, but intend to set an example, and raise awareness among local residents for the need to keep their environment clean. At the same time the core group started to pave the way for effective communication/ and education of tourists, residents and local businesses in collaboration with local authorities and organisations. The next Clean Up is planned for 28 March, 10 am, meeting point Makani, Hadaba. To keep updated on Clean Sharm activities and related information please email Doro at: dororeinecke@gmx.net

SWC would like to thank Stella for her presentation, Clare for hosting the meeting and Oriental Resort for welcoming us in their executive lounge and providing free coffee and tea.