14 02, 2013

Greek Orthodox Monastery in El Tur

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The St George Monastery, though rather stern and straightforward at first sight is, with its beautiful gardens, an oasis of tranquility and spirituality. These days, renovations take place which, however, should be completed by Easter (Orthodox Easter), i.e. 5 May 2013.
A small church within the complex gives evidence of a tremendously rich heritage. The church is full of gold(en) plated statues and picture frames which were gifts by traders from St. Petersburg. The City of El Tur, formerly called Raitho, used to be a harbor city back at the Phoenician times. The name means “land of fruits”, because of the [...]

4 02, 2013

Ownership rights in South Sinai for non-Egyptians

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Meeting held at 19:00 Friday 1 February 2013 After there had been a lot of confusion within the Facebook group “Ownership Rights in Sinai” it was proposed to hold a meeting to explain the current situation for non-Egyptians in Sinai with regards to owning land and/or property. Barrister Zeiad Yehia of EdgeBridge Law Firm was invited to provide an explanation of the laws and to answer any questions presented by those in attendance and those who have submitted their queries in prior to the meeting.  The following is a concise account of the information provided at the meeting: Introduction In [...]

2 02, 2013

Rain in Sinai

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It was raining in the Sinai in the early morning hours of Sunday night. While the rain in Sharm was moderate, other parts saw heavy thunderstorms. On Monday the roads from Cairo to Sharm and from Sharm to Dahab were closed due to heavy damages. Dahab was effected even more, as there was neither internet nor telephone since the night.By the late afternoon all was back to normal in Dahab while the streets remained closed.

1 02, 2013

Just opened: Dar Salam Hostel in Roysat

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        Dar Salam hostel is the idea of Sharm resident Kris. Kris has been a keen traveler & understands the importance of hostel accommodation for likeminded people. Dar Salam has a special ambiance; due to the soothing décor, arrangement of living areas and large terraces & garden. The hostel is a refurbished family villa set at the foot of the Sinai Mountains. The villa has four bedrooms & one dormitory, set in a large garden with indigenous plants. There is one sunny & one shaded terrace; the perfect place to sit and chat with other guests, a [...]

26 09, 2012

Sharm Action for Animals needs help

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Champagne and wine? These are some of the prizes of the next raffle. Sharm Action for Animals is a group  specifically formed to help the  street dogs and cats  of Sharm El Sheikh in conjunction with Pets Hotel. Currently, Pets Hotel are taking care of seven street dogs and four cats. All the resident dogs and cats have been spayed and castrated and are now looking for loving family home. Until homes are found for these animals they will remain at Pets Hotel, however, they all need feeding and some require medication and nursing. The overheads incurred in keeping these [...]

10 07, 2012

The Evolution of Camel Bar

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        Are you one of the many residents who’s left Sharm El Sheikh to try a new life elsewhere, only to find yourself drawn to live here again? Or a visitor, who’s tried other destinations but inevitably returns to Sharm? It’s hard to put your finger on exactly why Sharm exerts such a pull; we just know that, at some point in the future, we’ll be back! Camel Bar holds a similar attraction. Anyone who’s lived in or visited Sharm will have been to Camel Bar, and although we may not visit for a while, sooner or [...]

10 07, 2012

Sharm Action for Animals

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        Friday 13 April was a good day for the street animals of Sharm. An auction with precious vouchers for dinners, spa treatments, wine and many more items was held at the Camel Bar. The evening organized by Maggie with the help of Vicky and Nick was great fun plus it was a great success for the animals. Auctioneer (for the evening) Dave managed to pull out every pound of the bidders which brought together more than 12000 LE for the Pets Hotel. Maggie who has been helping the Pets Hotel now since over a year explained [...]

11 03, 2012

Sharmer – the controversial society

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      On Friday 9 March the film "Sharmer" was shown as a full length film for the first time at the Kiroseiz Cinema in Naama Bay.  This is a review of the film with opinions from the audience. The director of the film, Theresa Khalil, came to Sharm 5 years ago.  Its people called themselves Sharmers she discovered, but what is a “Sharmer”?  This was the start of her project. The film portrayed Sharm from its early days under Israeli occupation until now
through interviews, interesting pictures and stories. Rolf Schmidt is a German who has lived in the Sinai [...]

4 03, 2012

Sharmer – The film

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Sharmer is the first documentary film about life, people in Sharm El Sheikh, which is a cosmopolitan touristic city by the Red Sea located in South Sinai, Egypt, contradicting with the  conservative  country it's located in. The film begins in the times the city was under the Israeli occupation and the changes it went through up till now.
Old Sharmers, Bedouins, Mixed relations, Egyptians and foreigners, the east and the west and how they mix on the land of South Sinai and more issues. Theresa Khalil is the Director of the film. She is an Egyptian moved to Sharm 5 years [...]

3 03, 2012

BIGGER AND BETTER!! Dahab Festival’s second year!

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What do Bedouin camel races, chilling windsurfing stunts, photographic fish hunts, trash art and kundalini yoga have in common? They are all part of the spectacular program of the Dahab International Festival of Watersports, Culture and Desert Adventure – returning for its second year bigger and better! In 2011, the whole of Dahab came together as a community for the first time to organize this fabulous Festival, with the local Bedouin and Egyptian population and expats all joining hands to make it a truly community-wide co-operation. This year the Festival has grown into an event of epic proportions, with people [...]

29 12, 2010


2014-03-28T22:14:57+02:00December 29th, 2010|Magazine|Comments Off on THE MAD MACHISMO ON THE ROADS

By Carmen Doyle Approaching flashing lights amongst a knot of vehicles, I mention to my driver to slow down as it looks as though there has been an accident ahead.  “Not to worry”, came his reply, “the van just go to the hospital.”  As we drew closer we noticed an assembly of men staring gravely at a young man lying motionless on the road alongside his crumpled pizza delivery scooter. I mention the tragic scene that is unfolding near our apartment to my Egyptian husband who expresses sympathy before informing me that many delivery boys are killed on the Sharm [...]

20 04, 2009

Sadea’s Bedouin Art

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Sadea is a young Bedouin woman and a budding talent. Since her youth she likes to paint whatever she sees using all available material, which is often just a plywood wall of the surrounding huts and a piece of coal from the campfire. If she and her mother are lucky with selling some of their embroideries to tourists, she can buy some good paper sheets and colored pencils. Sadea, the young Bedouin artist She belongs to the Mzeina Bedouins, a tribe of warrior, goatherdresses and fishermen living on two coasts of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba and the [...]

19 02, 2009

1996 FLOOD

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by Rosana Sparano Divers Intl. Sharm el Maya - Nov. 1996 Autumn 1996 it was just another working day at the Divers Intl. Dive Center,  but with a slight difference, it was raining ! As usual the day started with coffee and a quick chat, as we were talking there was suddenly an incredible noise. The wall, dividing the garden of the dive center and the hotel had literally exploded and we were abruptly invaded by litres and litres of filthy water. The dive center was approximately 1-2 metres below sea level and just across the road from the Inter-Continental [...]

18 02, 2009


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by Heidemarie Kling Corniche - Alexandria You want to listen for about 30 days, every day the words INSHAALAH and BOKRA? Go to a governmental office and try to solve something. And if you want to get close to madness and loose a lot of money, try to bring your car from Germany to Egypt. Maybe I was stupid or naive, when I thought: I have my life here in Egypt, why should I not bring also my car. I got all the information about the rules and what had to be done. I did everything needed accordingly. Than I [...]

18 02, 2009


2014-03-28T22:42:05+02:00February 18th, 2009|Magazine|Comments Off on EGYPTIAN MARRIAGE TRADITION

by Christiane Bahr Preparing their engagement Theresa & Amgad This article actually was initiated by Osama Anis, living for more than 12 years in Sharm. Osama Anis and his wife Sophia Nicola are in preparation of the engagement of their daughter Theresa to Amgad Adel, which is going to take place on November 2, 2006. Let us all congratulate the bride and groom and wish them all the best. You may think that an Egyptian wedding is like any other wedding, but I can assure you that an Egyptian wedding is a very special historic ceremony. It is the most [...]

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