Where do they come from and just why do they go there?
Between the years of 1999 and 2005 there were more deep dive record attempts than at any other time in recent history. John Kean captures this era brilliantly with his fascinating behind-the-scenes story of man’s quest for the record books in the belly of the ocean.
Ambition, danger, team spirit and sheer determination are explored in this revealing and uplifting book which includes dozens of never before seen photographs of the leading players and events of the day.
Brimming with colourful characters and exotic tales from the abyss ‘A Walk on the Deep Side’ shows us exactly how and why deep divers become deep divers and includes the tragic tales of those who learned the hard way and paid the ultimate price.
In a hostile environment where the line between living and dying is often measured by seconds and centimetres two world class British deep divers combine forces to launch a joint bid for the deepest shipwreck dive ever made. Plagued by injuries, obstacles and some appalling bad luck, Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews dust themselves off to return again and again for a crack at one of extreme scuba diving’s greatest prizes.
‘A Walk on the Deep Side’ features a vivid, gripping and action-packed account of their two year epic journey into the history books.

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