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South Sinai Hospital
15/12/2013 19:36

A pleasant surprise for every lady in South Sinai
Do not miss the end of the year before reassuring your Health

South Sinai Hospital announces - Sharm El-Sheikh for

“Breast Health Day."
Will be held on 26.12.2013 including:

1 – Clinical Examination of the Breast.
2 - Mammogram and Ultrasonic waves on the Breast by Specialized Professor.
3 - In case of the presence of tumors, sample will be taken from the breast through a needle biopsy under local anesthesia.
4 - A report will be handled for each patient.
5 - Examination of cases for those who want to enlarge or reduce the Breast size.

For Information & Reservation: [Details removed by SW]
Special Price for this day 26/12/2013 : 750 LE Only

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