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Tiger Images
10/12/2013 17:28

Tiger Images is a British established Graphic Design & Marketing/Advertising Company based in South Sinai, Egypt. We are offering the highest standard of design products at low freelance rates!

Design Services:
- Website Design
- Company Branding Packages: Logos / Signs & Banners / Business Cards
- Event Banners, Flyers and Posters
- Menus: Restaurants / Bars
- Brochures: Events / Sales
- Invitations: Weddings / Parties
- Art Work: Magazine Designs / Articles
- Clothing: T-Shirts / Costumes

Tiger Images are also offering personal Marketing/Advertising Management Campaigns to help push your Business, Outlet, Bar or Restaurant to its full potential at low monthly costs. For more info contact us now!

See our Facebook Page for more info ... [Details removed by SW] ?id=15831 [Details removed by SW] &sk=info

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