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SmartVision Sharm
22/09/2013 20:13

SmartVision Sharm
We deliver our IT Solutions to your Home and your Company
Services We Offer:

* Internet ADSL Service Provide [LINKDSL Reseller] South Sinai
* Fawry Payments Agent in South Sinai
* Computer Maintenance (Desktop, Laptop) at your Home and Company
* Buy and Sell New, Used, Refurbished Computers (Desktop & Laptop)
* Wireless High Speed Internet Networks Installations and Support
* IT Consultancy and Support
* Security Camera (IP Cam & Analog Cam) Solutions
* Hotel Systems and Applications Support
* Maintenance Support Contracts
* Backup and Disaster Recovery
* Hardware and Software updates and fixes
* Computer Accessories and Printer Toners Supply
* Pay all your Mobile Bills (Vodafone, etisalat, Mobinil), Land Line Bills and Internet ADSL Bills (LINKDSL & TEdata)

for more info. contact us on: [Details removed by SW] /41/45 - or just reply on
Email: sales[@]smartvision-eg[.]com
Facebook: SmartVision.Egypt

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