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Nina Young
07/02/2006 15:39

Dear All,

Yesterday was the first meeting that I attended for Sharm Women, it was a very nice restaurant, and everyone looked like very nice people.
Being new, I was nervous and would like to have been introduced to everyone, especially if you are someone like me who can be very nervous on first meeting people.
Hopefully next time I will be a bit more brave and try introducing myself to everyone, I guess like everyone I just want to be liked, and first impressions can be key, maybe that's why am so nervous.
As for the meeting it was informative, an ideas for the meetings etc its difficult to give ideas when you don't know what you have already done, or where you have been, I was thinking for the anniversary, the desert, how ever there is the new rule about going there in the evening now, I know with the quad bikes any way they cannot go into the desert after a certain time.

And there is that new club bar there that the owner has spent millions I am guessing on, the one where the door is where you walk through Tutankhamen's mouth, and the pyramids and everything, it looks great and would be a great place to hold an anniversary party.

Well it is something that could be looked into.

All in all I and my friend had a lovely night...The food was nice, especially the dessert...
Hope you all have a lovely day, and I look forward to the next meeting with you.
Best Regards
Nina Young

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