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Looking for work in online marketing
15/12/2018 18:51

Mayada Maaty
31 years old
Married & have son
Graduated from faculty of arts archiological department ain shams university in 2007 & from faculty of mass communication Cairo university in 2014
Worked in Egypt sun marine & Red Sea Vision for tourism in social media marketing.
Have alot of certifications in
-Online marketing
- ادارة المشاريع كمهاره حياتيه
-صحة قلبك
- الصحة النفسيه للطفل
- على درب الحقيقه: الصحافه الاستقصائية
- مقدمة في علم النانو تكنولوجي
- UX design

Mayada Maaty
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