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Dance classes, dance school in Nabq "Delicious"
19/10/2015 18:12

Welcome to our new dance and fitness school "Delicious"! We are in Nabq, La Strada mall.
We have different classes for adults and kids
Dance for kids (7-12 years) - Tuesday, Thursday 4 pm, Saturday 12 am
Zumba - Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 4 pm
Classic ballet - Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 3 pm
Lady's style - Monday, Thursday, Sunday 7 pm
Stretching - Monday, Thursdya, Sunday 11 am
Our trainers are professional dancers and choreographers. Lessons suiteble for all ages and any levels (beginners, intermadiate, advenced).
First class is free!
Previous appointment and more information by pm or by phone [Details removed by SW]

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