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Receptionist GSA
20/01/2015 18:50

I graduated from Faculty Tourism and Hotels
I have small experience in amadeus system for booking flight tickets
I took tour leader course in Menofia University
I worked as a Receptionist in Holiday Taba Hotel (DESSOLE HOTELS) from 15/06/2013 till 15/12/2013
I worked as a receptionist in Jaz Mirabel Beach Hotel ( JAZ HOTELS TRAVCO GROUP ) from 21/12/2013 21/04/2014
Iam working Receptionist in Novotel Sharm El Shiekh ( Accor Hotels ) from 01/09/2014 till 31/01/2015
I worked as a Reservation Agent in Hilton Sharks Bay ( Hilton Hotels) from 20/03/2013 till 20/05/2013
I speak,understand and write English Good
I speak.understand and write Russian Acceptable
I speak.understand and write french fair

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