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Courses starting at ILCC: The following courses will start on English Elementary Course level 2 (EE2) Saturday 15.111.2014 From 20.00-22.00Italian Course level 1 (IB1) Sunday 16.11.2014 From 22.00-24.00English Course level 1 (EB1) Monday 17.11.2014 From 22.00-24.00English level 3 (EB3) Monday 17.11.2014 From 20.00-22.00Russian level 6 (RB6) Monday 17.11.2014 From 20.00-22.00ILCC CompuSharm building, 12, Zoo Street, beside old Coca Cola store Sharm El Sheikh. Phone: (069) 366-1098 | Mobile: (0100) 007-30-20 Email: [Details removed by SW] [Details removed by SW]

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