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Job Market



A market in which employers search for employees and employees search for jobs.
The job market is not a physical place as much as a concept demonstrating the competition and interplay between different labor forces.
The job market can grow or shrink depending on the labor demand and supply within the overall economy, specific industries, for specific education levels or specific job functions.


SWC Monthly Meeting

Blue Fountain in Naama Bay on 2 February at 7:30 pm

Dear ladies,

This month monthly meeting will be at the Blue Fountain in Naama Bay on 2 February at 7:30 pm.

It will be a chat meeting with no topic. We will have dinner in a casual atmosphere. Linda from Blue Fountain will prepare some of her delicious food.
For more info also check out their page
Invite all your women friends and let’s have a nice evening together.

To organise the evening (a la carte or set menu) we would like to get an idea of how many ladies will join us on the evening.
Please send an email to or join facebook event.

See you all.
SWC Committee