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Flight Status

Sharm el-Sheikh Intl Airport DeparturesSeptember 23, 2014 10:23 AM
Cairo3041:00 PMOn Time
CairoSmart Aviation1041:15 PMOn Time
Moscow8522:30 PMOn Time
Cairo3063:30 PMOn Time
Cairo3084:15 PMOn Time
AlexandriaSmart Aviation1856:15 PMOn Time
CairoSmart Aviation2026:30 PMOn Time
London2496:35 PMOn Time
Cairo3108:15 PMOn Time
Cairo3228:30 PMOn Time
London4638:50 PMOn Time
Kuwait5138:50 PMOn Time
Newcastle61510:25 PMOn Time
Belfast28310:45 PMOn Time
Amman63082:45 PMOn Time
London88546:10 PMOn Time
London23967:10 PMOn Time
Manchester18569:20 PMOn Time
Sharm el-Sheikh Intl Airport ArrivalsSeptember 23, 2014 10:23 AM
Cairo30312:30 PMArrived On Time
JeddahSmart Aviation61212:30 PMOn Time
Hurghada42212:40 PMArrived On Time
Moscow8511:15 PMOn Time
Cairo3052:45 PMOn Time
Cairo3073:45 PMOn Time
London2485:20 PMOn Time
AlexandriaSmart Aviation1845:45 PMOn Time
Cairo3097:45 PMOn Time
London4627:50 PMOn Time
Cairo3218:00 PMOn Time
Kuwait5128:05 PMOn Time
Newcastle6149:25 PMOn Time
CairoSmart Aviation1019:30 PMOn Time
Belfast2829:45 PMOn Time
Amman63072:00 PMOn Time
London88535:25 PMOn Time
London23956:25 PMOn Time
Manchester18558:40 PMOn Time

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How to contact Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)

For general inquiries, you may contact the airport’s information service by telephone.
If calling from within Egypt, please dial (069) 362.3304.
If calling from outside Egypt, please dial +20.69.362.3304.

For answers to questions about the following topics, please contact your airline directly.
The airport cannot assist you with these matters.

  • Flight schedules
  • Fares
  • Ticket purchases
  • Ticket changes
  • Checking in for your flight
  • Missing or damaged baggage