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Flight Status

Sharm el-Sheikh Intl Airport DeparturesJanuary 30, 2015 2:20 AM
Cairo216:45 AMOn Time
Istanbul5934:35 AMOn Time
Cairo3208:30 AMOn Time
Cairo2789:00 AMOn Time
Cairo3029:30 AMOn Time
Alexandria4229:45 AMOn Time
JeddahSmart Aviation61110:45 AMOn Time
Cairo30412:00 PMOn Time
ZurichEdelweiss Air1411:00 PMOn Time
Cairo4902:00 PMOn Time
Moscow8522:10 PMOn Time
Cairo3062:15 PMOn Time
Cairo3122:45 PMOn Time
CairoAlMasria3313:00 PMOn Time
Cairo3083:15 PMOn Time
CairoSmart Aviation1024:15 PMOn Time
Manchester7856:00 PMOn Time
Dublin4096:25 PMOn Time
London4956:30 PMOn Time
Cairo3107:15 PMOn Time
Cairo3228:30 PMOn Time
Cairo2909:20 PMOn Time
Cairo3169:45 PMOn Time
Amman63081:45 PMOn Time
London23986:40 PMOn Time
London88547:05 PMOn Time
Sharm el-Sheikh Intl Airport ArrivalsJanuary 30, 2015 2:20 AM
Cairo206:15 AMOn Time
Cairo2211:30 PMOn Time
Cairo3198:00 AMOn Time
Cairo2778:30 AMOn Time
Cairo3019:00 AMOn Time
Alexandria4219:15 AMOn Time
CairoSmart Aviation10110:00 AMOn Time
Cairo30311:30 AMOn Time
ZurichEdelweiss Air14012:10 PMOn Time
Moscow85112:40 PMOn Time
Cairo4891:30 PMOn Time
Cairo3051:45 PMOn Time
CairoAlMasria3302:00 PMOn Time
Cairo3112:15 PMOn Time
Cairo3072:45 PMOn Time
JeddahSmart Aviation6123:30 PMOn Time
Manchester7845:00 PMOn Time
Dublin4085:25 PMOn Time
London4945:30 PMOn Time
Cairo3096:45 PMOn Time
Cairo3218:00 PMOn Time
Cairo2898:50 PMOn Time
Cairo3159:15 PMOn Time
UfaUral Airlines30378:30 AMOn Time
Zurich814012:10 PMOn Time
Amman63071:00 PMOn Time
London23975:55 PMOn Time
London88536:20 PMOn Time
Cairo130411:30 PMOn Time

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How to contact Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)

For general inquiries, you may contact the airport’s information service by telephone.
If calling from within Egypt, please dial (069) 362.3304.
If calling from outside Egypt, please dial +20.69.362.3304.

For answers to questions about the following topics, please contact your airline directly.
The airport cannot assist you with these matters.

  • Flight schedules
  • Fares
  • Ticket purchases
  • Ticket changes
  • Checking in for your flight
  • Missing or damaged baggage

SWC Monthly Meeting

Blue Fountain in Naama Bay on 2 February at 7:30 pm

Dear ladies,

This month monthly meeting will be at the Blue Fountain in Naama Bay on 2 February at 7:30 pm.

It will be a chat meeting with no topic. We will have dinner in a casual atmosphere. Linda from Blue Fountain will prepare some of her delicious food.
For more info also check out their page
Invite all your women friends and let’s have a nice evening together.

To organise the evening (a la carte or set menu) we would like to get an idea of how many ladies will join us on the evening.
Please send an email to or join facebook event.

See you all.
SWC Committee